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5 Easy Steps to Securing Your Next Commercial Loan or Private Lending Scenario with Innovate Funding

In the dynamic sphere of commercial and private lending, finding the right financial solutions tailored to your needs doesn't have to be daunting. With Innovate Funding by your side, your journey towards securing a non-bank loan is simplified and streamlined. Here, we unveil the five hassle-free steps that lead you to a fruitful partnership with a non-bank lender, opening doors to competitive rates and unparalleled flexibility.

Lady valuing a property

Step 1: Tailored Inquiry for Private Lending

At Innovate Funding, the journey begins with a tailored inquiry where we delve deep into understanding your unique financial landscape. Whether considering a commercial venture or exploring private lending avenues, providing precise details regarding your financial objectives, expected Value Ratio (LVR), and envisioned exit strategy lays the solid foundation for a successful non-bank loan inquiry.

Step 2: Exploring Competitive Private Lending Scenarios

As we venture into the second step, we focus on finding the most competitive non-bank lending scenarios that align with your financial blueprint. Leveraging our profound expertise and industry connections, we scout for non-bank lenders offering the most competitive rates, thereby bringing you both flexible and economically savvy loan options. This step reaffirms that when it comes to non-bank loans, you are indeed in capable and experienced hands.

Step 3: Seamless Valuation Coordination for Private Lending

The third step involves coordinating seamless valuations to substantiate the proposed LVR. This crucial phase ensures that the asset's valuation mirrors its actual market worth, establishing a credible foundation for your non-bank loan application. At Innovate Funding, we facilitate this process smoothly, aiding in organizing precise valuations, either through the lender or at your behest, fostering a climate of transparency and trust.

Step 4: Private Lending Due Diligence

With the groundwork firmly in place, we transition to the due diligence phase. Here, the selected non-bank lender thoroughly examines all relevant facets, including credit history, valuation reports, and other essential documents. This comprehensive scrutiny, characterized by diligent due diligence, underscores the credibility and viability of the loan proposition, fostering a climate where informed decisions are the norm, not the exception.

Step 5: Swift Fund Disbursement from Private Lenders

As we reach the pinnacle of this journey, the spotlight falls on the swift disbursement of funds. This step signifies the fruition of well-laid plans and astute negotiations, culminating in the timely release of the agreed funds to pave the way for your commercial venture or private lending scenario. With Innovate Funding orchestrating this process, you are guaranteed a closure that is not only successful but also remarkably swift, propelling you confidently into a future adorned with promising financial prospects.

At Innovate Funding, we redefine the essence of non-bank lending, transforming it into a journey where ease meets excellence. Step into the empowering world of non-bank loans, where your commercial dreams and private lending aspirations find the nurturing ground they deserve. Choose Innovate Funding, where we craft narratives of success, one bespoke non-bank loan at a time.


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