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Debunking the Myths About Private Lending with Innovate Funding in Australia

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

In Australia's dynamic finance sector, private lending has emerged as a preferred alternative for those seeking funding investing solutions. However, as with many expanding industries, myths and misconceptions have arisen, clouding perceptions about private lending. Innovate Funding, a key player in Australia's alternative funding sector, dispels these myths to provide a more accurate understanding of financing Australia to potential borrowers.

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Myth #1: Private Lenders, like Innovate Funding, Charge High Interest Rates

At Innovate Funding, we often encounter the perception that private lending inherently involves excessive interest rates. While rates can be higher than traditional banks, it's crucial to understand the reasons behind this. Innovate Funding, like other non-bank lenders, tailors its interest rates based on a comprehensive view of the borrower's profile, considering not just credit history but also collateral and the specific risks of the fund financing. The goal is not to exploit but to offer flexible finance solutions to those overlooked by conventional banks.

Myth #2: Innovate Funding is Only for High-Risk Borrowers

Contrary to this myth, Innovate Funding serves a diverse clientele. While we provide solutions to those with less-than-perfect credit, our approach to loan assessment, focusing on property equity and the broader financial picture, allows us to cater to various borrowers. From seasoned real estate investors to sophisticated investors, our flexible approach has been a financial boon to many who need access to capital outside the traditional banking mould.

Myth #3: Loans from Innovate Funding are Expensive

The idea that loans from private lenders like Innovate Funding are inherently costly is misleading. At Innovate Funding, we commit to tailor loan agreements to align with the borrower's requirements and capacities. While there might be a premium on the interest rates due to flexibility and speed, we often provide adaptable repayment options and expedited approval processes for funding investments, ensuring that the financial arrangement is mutually beneficial in non-bank lending.

Myth #4: Innovate Funding Approves Risky Loans without Proper Assessment

Innovate Funding upholds a rigorous assessment process for every loan application. We might be open to unconventional loan applications, but we ensure comprehensive evaluations of every funding investment decision. We aim to empower our clients, not lead them into financial pitfalls, whether they require a second mortgage or caveat loans.

The Reality of Private Lending in Australia with Innovate Funding

Our compliance with these regulations not only ensures transparency but also strengthens our commitment to consumer protection in private lending.

Private lending, as championed by Innovate Funding, brings to the table speedy approvals, bespoke service, and a focus on the property's potential rather than just credit history. We encourage our clients to understand this infrastructure financing method, approach it responsibly, and leverage it as a tool for their investment funding aspirations, not as a Band-Aid for reckless financial behaviours.

Finding a Trusted Private Lender like Innovate Funding in Australia

When you're on the hunt for a private lender, Innovate Funding should top your list. Our proven track record, transparency, and commitment to client success set us apart. But don't just take our word for it. Conduct research, compare offerings, verify licensing, and speak with trusted advisors. By seeking a partnership with a lender like Innovate Funding, you choose expertise, integrity, and a proactive investor Australia committed to your financial success in infrastructure funds Australia and commercial advisory office.


Private lending, with players like Innovate Funding at its forefront, offers a unique alternative in Australia's financial landscape. By dispelling myths and focusing on the realities, borrowers are better equipped to harness the benefits of this form of financing. At Innovate Funding, we champion responsible lending and informed borrowing, ensuring that private lending remains a reliable pathway to financial success.


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