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From Application to Approval: The Innovate Funding Approach to Private Lending

Navigating the intricate world of private lending can be daunting. But with Innovate Funding, the journey from application to approval is streamlined, transparent, and customer-centric. In this step-by-step guide, discover the unique approach Innovate Funding adopts in processing and approving private loans.

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The Initial Inquiry: Understanding Your Needs

At Innovate Funding, every financial journey starts with understanding the borrower's needs. Potential borrowers can reach out through various channels, making the initial process seamless and user-friendly.

1) Detailed Application Form

With a keen emphasis on understanding every client's unique requirements, the application form is comprehensive yet straightforward. It captures details that allow non-bank lenders to customise loan offers effectively.

2) Quick Response Time

In the fast-paced world of private lending, time is of the essence. Innovate Funding prides itself on its swift response time, ensuring applicants receive feedback promptly.

3) Personalised Loan Structuring

Recognising that every financial need is unique, Innovate Funding crafts loan structures tailored to each applicant, setting it apart in private lending.

4) Due Diligence: Transparent and Thorough

A detailed due diligence step is conducted to ensure the integrity of the process. This rigorous check guarantees the borrower and lender's safety in the private lending journey. This could include valuations, costing reports and more. Most, if not all, of our due diligence is conducted via a third party called Propti.

5) Approval and Agreement Drafting

Approval is approaching once due diligence is complete, and all requirements are met. Innovate Funding drafts an explicit, transparent agreement, ensuring all parties are well-informed.

6) Seamless Fund Disbursement

The final step in the journey is the disbursement of funds. With Innovate Funding's robust mechanisms, borrowers can expect a smooth, hassle-free release of funds, making their financial dreams a reality.


In the world of non-bank lending, the approach to processing and approving loans can vary widely. Innovate Funding stands out with its unique, client-centric approach, ensuring every step, from approval application, is handled with utmost care and professionalism. Dive into private lending with a partner that values transparency, efficiency, and your unique financial needs.


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